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Become a Kosaic Community School

Becoming a Kosaic Community School aligns you with our mission of exposing children to as many opportunities for enrichment as possible.

Apply Below.

Partnership Benefits:

Earn cash donations. learn more…
Access to $6000 in annual grants. learn more…
Camp Scholarships for your auctions. learn more…
FREE Activity booths for school events.  learn more…
Access to our Title 1 Camp Scholarship Program.  learn more…
Camp Voucher Packet for Incoming Presidents and Board. learn more..
Special Community pricing on all programs.
Perks granted by any of our companies.

Partnership Requirement:

Your sole partnership commitment is to help us educate your parents about our school break enrichment camps through at least 5 communication channels below:

Communication Channels:

Flyers (provided and sorted by us)

Email Blasts (provided by us)

** Either Flyers or Email Blast must be available

Yard Signs (provided by us)

Newsletters (ad provided by us)

Facebook (ad provided by us)

Websites (ad provided by us)

Flyer stands or Posters (provided by us)

Kosaic Community Application

Joining our community is simple and will also simplify your school’s enrichment planning.   However, If you have more questions before you apply please feel free to email us at [email protected].



October 8, 2018
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